Day 88 – A Misguided Run

July 22nd, 2016 – I was up for another morning run today. This run I wanted to go down a route that I had on my mind for a while

According to the map, my route would lead me down a long boardwalk towards a trail that extends into the small pond in the park. I passed by the park’s Nature Center before finding a path downhill. Once downhill I reached a fork in the road. I took a left, shortly arriving in bushwhacking territory.

To my mistake, I ended up going down a man-made path instead of the park trail. I did not realize this until I jumped over some rocky gaps, vaulted over fallen branches, and ran across a large log before finding myself an area with no pathway. I ended up passing by a family of deer and several backyards before I found the trail leading me back to the Nature reserve.

After backtracking I found the same fork that led me down the wrong path. Instead of going back to the Nature Center I took the pathway I didn’t initially take. I found the park’s trail about 5 feet down this pathway. However, at this point, I was already almost finished with my run.

Despite getting lost I was still fortunate to be taken down a fascinating adventure. I also have one more reason to come back to this spot for jogging.

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