Day 80 – Training In Water

July 14th, 2016 – While I may not have felt 100% recovered I still felt capable of training. Today I went at my training by giving it my all. I felt like I was at a prime and ended up breaking a few minutes off my previous swim record.

After I finished drying off I hit the trail for a run. It had just finished raining but some pathways were still wet. I wandered down a local trail that hides itself behind a church. This pathway doesn’t look as well traveled as it use to be, with much of the route being covered with natural debris. Despite the rain clearing off the brush I ran past was damp.

At the end of my run it looked like someone dumped a bucket of water over me. Still beats going at it in the rain. I past by a slide that leads directly from the park to the trail and snapped a pic. The journey back to the car was a slightly less damp one.

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