Day 74 – Redwood Falls Minnesota

July 3rd, 2016 – Last day of our trip. We had a terrible slumber last night. Our campground was located right next to the highway, meaning  the night was filled with loud cars and bright lights.

We packed our car up then left south to Redwood falls. We got to the city and found a spot at Alexander-Ramsey park.We grabbed a picture of the trail map with our phones than planned out our routes. Once we had confirmation of our walk we left off to the falls.


The falls were a short trip away from the lot. By the time we arrived the falls were crowded. It was difficult to get a view of the falls so we settled on getting it on the return trip. Instead of spending time at the falls we headed down to the next attraction at the park, the Ramsey Zoo.


Once we finished our time at the zoo we left back to the falls to grabbed a few pictures. After we finished our viewing we left off to a local ice cream place nearby known as “Dari King”. We split a Strawberry Slush Float between the two of us then left off to make the 2 hour trip back home.


By home it was dusk, we have ended our trip around Wisconsin and Southern Minnesota and felt like we had memories lasting us a lifetime.

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