Day 73 – Minneopa Falls, Minnesota

June 2nd, 2016 – By day time we packed up our camp then headed to Mankato. The plan was to venture down the Minnesota River Valley Trail heading up three different parks before retiring to the campground. We arrived at our first landmark, Minneopa Falls.


We arrived there and found two paths leading off from the main trail. I took a pathway far less traveled, one a bit more rugged and slippery. My girlfriend stayed behind and I ventured forward to take some shots of the falls. Once we finished our venture we left off to the parking lot. We learned that there was a Zoo Mobile coming by giving a demonstration of several animals.


Once the demonstration was over we left off down the road to the Bison reserve. The buffalo’s hid their way from the cars driving past and were only view able from the mill. We arrived at the mill to examine the bison off at the distance before leaving off to go swimming at a nearby lake.


At the lake I grew hungry and suggested that instead of hitting our third landmark to instead save it for the final day. We both changed to some dry clothes than left off to Corn Monument, a campground located in Olivia that has free 24-hour camping.

The campsite was disappointing compared to Blue Earth fairgrounds. There was no fire pit available. We looked for a park nearby to cook up food on a grill. After dinner my body grew tired. I expected it was from the heat of the day. I ended up passing out shortly after we got back to the campground.

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