Day 72 – Eagle Center, RAD Zoo, Blue Earth Campground

National Eagle Center

July 1, 2016 – Once we awoke from our slumber we did an inventory of our gear twice before saying goodbye to our parents. Our first stop was Wabasha Minnesota where we visited the National Eagle Center. The facility was extremely informative but much smaller than either of us expected it to be. The town of Wabasha was definitely small and peaceful. It was a bit of a shame we weren’t able to stay long then we wanted.


Reptile and Amphibian and Discovery Zoo

July 1st, 2016 – Our next location was located in the city of Owatana. We scored a coupon last year from the Reptile Amphibian and Discovery Zoo (RAD Zoo). The facility had a diversity of animals offered with many of the caretakers seeming to be loving to all of them involved. The facility was pricey($9.50/person), but I felt like it was still a good trip. A bit short, took us about an hour to go through everything.

Once we finished off we headed down the street to the Russell Stovers chocolate shop. We split two milkshakes and bought an bag of chocolates as a gift for my mother.


Blue Earth Fairgrounds

July 1st, 2016 – We left off from Owanta to Blue Earth. It was hitting evening, but fortunately our campground is next to our landmark, the Jolly Green Giant Statue. This statue stands at 50 feet tall and serves as an icon for the city. We then left off to the fairgrounds to set-up camp. The fairgrounds had free camping for the first 24 hours and offered free firewood. We had a fire, ate dinner, then retired for the night.


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