Day 71 -Pattison State Park

June 30, 2016 – We ended up sleeping in later than usual. We made a quick meal of corn flakes and dry milk then packed up our gear. After packing up we took the 3 hour trip to Pattison State Park. During our drive we found ourselves passing through 3 thunder storms. Once we arrived at the park we heard the thunderstorm steadily approaching us. Luckily it was sunny when we started our hike.


Following down our trail map, we went down the Beaver Trail to make our way to Little Manitou falls. We arrived at the half way point, known as CCC bridge. We noticed the clouds started to roll in. Making our way from the bridge to Little Manitou falls we started to feel a slight drizzle.


Once we arrived at the Little Manitou falls the rain started to pick up. We took some angle shots of the waterfall before the rain started to get heavy. We found ourselves a little shelter which we took cover until the storm broke. During this time we took this time to snack up.


Once the storm broke we took the opposite route back to arrive at Big Manitou falls. The falls had a vast size difference compared to Little Manitou falls, looking to be anywhere between 40-50 feet tall. Once we nabbed some pictures the rain started to pick up again, this time with a force. We scurried back to the car but ended up still getting soaked.


We found that halfway between Pattison Park and our next landmark was home. We took the detour back home to save a bit of money. During our night over we ate ourselves a large meal, washed up, and exchanged stories with our family. We then retired early for the night.

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