Day 70 – Timm’s Hill and MarshField Zoo

Timm’s Hill

June 29, 2016 – We woke up to confirm that our campsite was indeed barren. I wandered around the sites to grab some leftover firewood left by the previous campers. We cooked up some oatmeal over the fire, both of us having a much larger than usual serving. We then planned out the day.

We were going to be staying at the site for 2 days as we expected that Timm’s Hill would end similarly as Eagle Mountain, taking about 7 hours to climb with it mostly being up hill. We figured we would be exhausted at the end so it would only make sense to just stay the night to rest rather than drive 2 hours to our next site.

After our discussion we left northwest to Timm’s Hill, Wisconsin’s highest point. Surprisingly enough, Timm’s Hill was not a hard trek at all. It took us less than 5 minutes to get to the peak and climb the wooden tower above it.

We snapped some pictures of the point but now were trying to think what we should do for the rest of the day.


Marshfield Zoo

June 29, 2016 – We left off to Abbotsville to get ice cream from a local shop we past along the way last night. While we were here we asked the clerk if there were any areas that would be fun to visit. She recommended MarshField Zoo, a place free to the public.

We took the half hour drive down to Masrhfield and arrived to the zoo before noon. The zoo ended up being surprisingly pleasurable. The area was filled with local wildlife and the animals were very lively. Not to mention the zoo was hardly filled despite it being a nice summer day.

We spent most the day snapping pictures of the animals than walking around the outdoor ecology trail.

After we were finished we attempted to locate the Stony Acres Pizza farm located in Athens. To our dismay, we found out that the farm only serves pizza on Fridays. Nevertheless, our quest for pizza went on and we hit up the small town of Rib Lake, called Mann Made Pizza and Ice Cream.

We both split a Gyro pizza and a Dark Cherry soda here. This place was delightful to go to, I only wished I lived closer so I can frequent it more often.

After dinner we went back to camp to cook up S’Mores. There seemed to be more campers pulling in around this time. We left off to bed after filling ourselves with the marshmallow dessert. Tomorrow we had one last landmark to visit before exiting Wisconsin.


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