Day 69 – Devil Lake State Park

June 28, 2016 – We awoke and had our first substantial breakfast since the trip. We boiled up some oatmeal, topped it with a small handful of our trail mix, and drank some hot tea.

It was a nice, sunny day. We pack up our gear then left two hours southward to Devil Lake State Park. When we arrived to the city we noticed it was bright suburbia all around. Shortly after entering the park it went from bright suburbs to a dark forest. We found a spot to park then took took a look at our trail map. We prepped up our hiking gear than left off.


The first trail we went on was the West Bluff Trail, another trail that had a bit of an incline for the first .5 mile. We were keeping a strong pace feeling hearty from our breakfast. We got to the peak that gave a overlook of the lake. Here we found the view that seems to be advertised all over the park.


As we begun our descent the sun started to blare down. We built up more of a sweat on our decline trip from the West Bluff Trail then we did during our incline. We soon got to the Boardwalk. The boardwalk had a very small beach where we took our boots off and submerged our feet into the water. The lake is very clear, not allowing any motor boats onto it. As we soaked our feet we found minnows nipping at our feet, giving us a slight tickle.


We eventually dried our feet then went off towards the East Bluff trail. The trail intersects with another famous landmark in the park, called Balanced rock. We took the Balanced Rock trail, which was filled with many fallen rocks and stone steps that took you high above the park.


We nearly missed the Balanced Rock during our trek. You definitely had to keep an eye on those signs along the trail. If my girlfriend didn’t notice it we would’ve walked right past it. I went to take a few pictures of the rock before we continued up to the peak of the trail.


When we got to the top were were at the intersection of the East Bluff Trail. Looking at our map, we noticed a trail around called “Devil’s Doorway”.  We went along this detour to quick another look at one of the famous components of this park. During our time we saw a younger group trying to scale to the top of the structure, but to no avail.


We crossed back to intersection then took our way to the East Bluff trail. This trail was definitely the easiest out of the ones we’ve trekked so far. We found ourselves mostly going downwards until we got to the parking lot.

By the time we got back to the lot it was 7 hours past since our arrival. We ate a few granola bars, drank some Powerade, then left off to our next site, Wood Lake.

By the time we got to Wood Lake, it was night fall. This site was about 5 miles away from the nearest city, a small city called Rib Lake. It was pitch black and we were sure we were the only campers on the entire site. We both were too tired to cook dinner so we each consumed 1 large marshmallow before heading to bed.

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