Day 68 -Peninsula State Park

June 27, 2016 – My girlfriend and I were the first to wake up. We carefully packed up hoping to not disturb anyone. We drove off to Door County, a place that seems to be highly recommended when we looked for places to visit in Wisconsin.

It took us quite a bit of time to arrive to Door County due to the closed bridge. After arriving in Sturgeon Bay we stopped at a Gas Station to ask for directions to Peninsula State Park. We arrived at the park at 10 AM. Having skipped breakfast, we pulled over to Welcker’s Point to cook some food over a fire.


Once we filled our stomachs we looked at our trail map given to us at the Office Window. There were at least four landmarks noted on the map we wanted to visit: Nicolett Bay, Nature Center, Eagle Tower,  and Eagle Bluff Lighthouse. We sorted our hiking equipment from the car then left off to  head to our first destination, Nicolett Bay.

The first trail was a straight shot to the bay, filled with very light routes. We got to the Bay to find some boats traveling around. It took us a few minutes more before we got to the Nicolett Beach, a well crowded area on such a beautiful day. We snapped a quick photo of the boats going past before heading down to the Nature Center


We took the trail to the Nature Center getting detoured along the way by a trail known as “White Cedar Trail”. Around this trail are activities spread throughout to educate themselves children about nature. The trail was a mile loop around, bringing us to the Nature Center.


The Nature Center had a lot of information about the park. While my girlfriend browsed around I asked the guide which trails would be the best to go across on our trip around the park. It was here I learned to visit a fifth landmark called, “Sven’s Bluff”, an area regarded as the highest point in the park. After we finished talking with the guide we left off to Eagle Tower.

The trail to Eagle Tower ended up being a vastly steep one soon followed by a sharp decline. At this time we saw that the clouds were overcasting us during our hike. We got to Eagle Tower but learned it was closed for repairs. Nevertheless, we took this time to rest up, grab some pictures, then left over to Sven’s Point.


The trail from the Eagle Tower to Sven’s Point was a lot less tiresome than the trail towards Eagle Tower. After walking down the trail we found ourselves close to the lake. There were a lot of hidden pathways leading to the beach that had us take short breaks to admire.


We eventually got to halfway point, back at the Nature Center. The clouds started to drizzle on us, but was sporadically taking breaks. We found a trail leading directly to Sven’s Point which had a very steep incline. We got to Sven’s Point and got a beautiful overview of the  the park.


We had one landmark left to visit before we finished our hike through the park. Conveniently, this landmark was on our way back to the car. The rain started to pick up causing our final 4 mile venture to be a damp walk. We got to the Light House where we quickly took pictures before heading back to the car. Fortunately for us, the rain got at it’s worse as soon as we got in the car.


We left the park and took a detour towards Sister Bay, another place that was recommended to go to when up in Door County. Sister Bay looked like a nice, small town, but it looked like most of the entertainment there would involve spending a bit of money. It was evening and neither of us wanted to spend money there. Our next landmark was going to be about 3 hours away. We decided we were going to kill off at least 1 hour of driving by finding a campground along the way.

We settled at High Cliff Campground at dark. It was late, but not late enough for us to eat. We started a fire and cooked up some brown rice with Beef Barley Soup. We ate our meal with tortillas on the side then retired for the night.

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