Day 67 – Cedarburg Strawberry Festival

June 26, 2016 – It rained heavily during the night. We stayed in bed until there was a break in the storm. We found a chunk of our gear got soaked from the puddle that formed in our tent. It looked like the clouds were not going to pass soon so we packed out gear wet and drove to Cedarburg for its annual Strawberry Festival


As we drove we saw the sun come out. When we got to Cedarburg we took the time to take our gear and place it in the back seat and dashboard for the sun to hit. When we got to the festival it was at low population. My girlfriend and I learned that the Pancake Breakfast was cancelled. Both of us were hungry from skipping dinner and breakfast, so we stopped at a stand serving Strawberry flavored Mac and Cheese with Cinnamon Tea. We split a meal before heading down the rest of the festival.


As we finished our meal we saw the crowd triple in size. We past by many different stands that were serving off samples of their food. The amount of food being offered to us for free was plenty to make up for our skipped meals. After a while of checking out the stands we visited the heritage center which was holding an art gallery next to a bar


After browsing the gallery for a while it started to become noon. Both of us started to get hungry again. We found a stand serving fresh strawberries next to a stand serving strawberry flavored alcohol. We bought some Strawberries, alcohol, and soda then found a place at the park to consume them. I ended up getting a little tipsy from the alcohol that caused us to walk a bit until I sobered up.


After sobering up my girlfriend spent some time buying some gifts to bring back to her friends and family. We found a Kemps truck serving out free milk. We grabbed a few for the road. By the time we left the crowd became large and difficult to walk through.



We got to the car to find most of our gear dried. We left off to Green Bay to visit family. My parents asked for me to drop off some wild rice to them on our way to Door County. We didn’t intend to stay long but were warmed by their hospitality the minute we arrived. We conversed with the family and ate a large meal. My hunger from the race finally felt filled. My family insisted we stayed for the night. Once it was dark we both collapsed for the night.

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