Day 66 – Spartan Race and Holiday

I am finally back from my trip around Wisconsin! During our holiday my girlfriend and I managed to do a variety of different activities. Because of this, the next few posts are going to be formatted differently than my usual entries.

Spartan Sprint

June 25th, 2016 – My girlfriend had an early shift today. After dropping her off I headed back home to make sure everything was packed up before my Spartan Sprint. Our plan was to leave off for our trip to Wisconsin immediately after I completed my race. This meant we had a limited amount of time after she’s off work to get everything packed up.

Unfortunately, we were late to the race. I had a 1:00 P.M. start time, the last race time before the volunteers run. Luckily, they were able to shift my time so I was able to run with the volunteers. At this point in the day it was hot and humid, with the temperature getting as high as 90 degrees, and the humidity getting to 90%.

Nevertheless, I took the race with optimism. The very first .5 of the mile was a sharp hill incline, exhausting most of my fellow starting runners immediately into the race. I carried on, keeping my pace throughout.

It wasn’t until mile 2 I experienced the intensity of the race. We had to lift a 100lb stone from the ground and at that point I was exhausted. It ended up becoming a struggle getting past this obstacle. Eventually I got to another weight lifting obstacle with a huge line ahead of me.

I felt like it would take too long to wait for my turn, so I did the penalty burpees instead. A decision I soon regretted because I ended up feeling nauseated soon after. I was still not down, as I already knew mile 2 was completed, meaning there was 1.1 miles left to go. I started passing by runners who started an hour earlier than I did, giving me a bit of confidence.


At mile 3 I got to the rock climb wall. This obstacle I figured can be completed with ease. As I traversed on the wall I got to a wooden block that was just far enough where I had to really stretch my leg. My leg ended up cramping, shocking the pain throughout my body. I ended up dropping from the wall like a ton of bricks. I limped to the penalty zone where I did 30 more burpees.

After a half hour past I got to the mile 4 marker. At this point I realized that I was mistaken about the distance of the race. It was not a 5k race, it was a 5 mile race. My legs grew tired and could no longer run. I saw those around me attempt to run, but soon dropped down from pain or exhaustion. I pushed forward reaching the home stretch.

At this point I got to the infamous “Burpee Maker”, the Spear Throw. Feeling confident from my hours spent practicing beforehand I grabbed the spear and threw it at the hay barrel. I stuck it on my first try.

Feeling ecstatic, I took to the rest of the course pushing myself harder. I got to the rope climb and got to the top with ease. I slid down the rope, cutting my fingers open in the process. I finished the course after 2 hours, dirty, sweaty, and bleeding. I was proud of what I accomplished and cannot wait to do it again next year.

Kettle Moraine Campground

June 25, 2016 – I finished my Spartan Race feeling the hungriest I had in a long time. Kjers and I met up after I finished washing up. We stopped off to grab a quick bite to eat then left to begin our trip to Wisconsin. Our first stop was going to be a 6-hour car ride.

To my surprise, there were very little rest stops located during our drive. It was approaching midnight and a storm was coming in. We found our campsite, a small site filled with a lot of empty lots marked “Reserved”. We had to locate a different campground and found Kettle Moraine state park half an hour away. We got to the park after dark. We set-up for the night right before the storm hit. Neither of us wanted to cook dinner so late into the night so we just fell asleep.

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