Day 58 – Lake Josephine’s Hidden Trail

June 16, 2016 – In the city of Roseville, Minnesota, down on Lexington avenue, there is a place called Lake Josephine. As you pull up to the parking lot you will find yourself by a beach that is less visited then some of the others nearby.

Although it is not just the beauty of the small beach that deserves admiration. Just across the street you will find a DQ next to a gravel road that leads to nowhere. Walk down the end of this small gravel road and you will discover a hidden trail that doesn’t show up on a map.

I went for a run down this trail, crossing a surprising well-kept pathway that extends into the woods for a good mile. This trail has some other extending pathways that will lead you out, but if you stay on the right one you will find yourself going past seemingly untouched bridges, rails, and creeks. After jogging up and down the trail I reached the end where I was rewarded with a view of the landscape traveled.

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