Day 57 – Android Studio, Back to the Drawing Board

June 15, 2016 – Today I decided to get some work done on developing my android app. Once I got off work I opened up my android studio and started programming. After half an hour I found myself staring blankly at the screen not knowing what to do.

I realized that after a month of doing the Coursera course I still did not know how to program an application from scratch.

This feeling hit me hard. I felt like I  understood the classwork and quizzes well, but it felt like there was a huge gap of information between me and Android Studio. What I quickly figured out was that this may be caused because many of the labs had 80% of the work finished for us. The other 20% can be finished just by spending a few hours analyzing the code then trying out some of the functions mentioned in the videos.This meant I was not learning the absolute basics needed to develop in Android Studio.

I started looking at online resources before coming across the “” training module. As I skimmed through it I found a lot of the information they provided was a lot of the information I wanted.

It’s back to the chalkboard with me and I’m going to take it at a much slower pace, starting right from scratch.

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