Day 54 – Innsbruck Nature Center, Minnesota

June 12, 2016 – Today I went trail running. Yesterday I injured my ankle performing a stunt on a steep hill while geocaching. So I felt it would be appropriate to cut my daily mileage down to better recover. Looking for smaller areas, I stumbled across Innsbruck Nature Center, a nature trail that hides itself in the belly of the Fridley suburbs. I decided to go running through the park until I exhausted the minutes on my timer.


For a park close to a school I was delighted to find myself submerged in the middle of a forest barren of human life. This trail was amazing to run through and has many small pathways that can easily be lost in. Funny enough, I did take up one of the off trail routes and found myself jogging a good 10 minutes through the brush, vaulting over trees, and striding on top of rocks before realizing I was smack dab in the middle of nowhere and had to back track it all.

Even though the GPS made the park seem small it felt like half a day of hiking can be done through it. The sights were enjoyable to do a run in and I want to hit up this spot again with a mounted GoPro so I can capture the thrilling experience I had during my trail run.


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