Day 49 – Deming Heights, Minnesot

June 7, 2016 – Today I went for a run through one of my first jogging routes in my running career. In the first few months since I started jogging I decided to challenge myself by doing my first 5k. This route involved going from Ostrander Park to Deming Heights and back.I thought it was one of the hardest routes I had to do, with at least 1.5 miles of decline, going up one large steep hill, immediately down that same steep hill, then 1.5 miles back on incline.  I use to jog down this route nearly every day after I got off high school, be it after doing Parkour, went swimming, or if I already went jogging.

Revisiting this route I realized how much easier it was for me. The route use to take me at least 45 minutes to do, but now I am able to get done with it in less than half that time. The incline no longer felt troublesome, and my legs were no longer jelly once I completed it. All of this, and this route was only a small part of the distance I ended putting in for my run. I am proud for how far I’ve come in my running career and revisiting this route only motivates me more to keep pushing on.

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