Day 376 – Preparations

September 16th, 2018 – It’s five weeks until the wedding. It’s one of those events people tell you is going to be the most important moment in your life. Honestly, my fiancee and I never thought it was going to even be an event in our lives.

Asks us ten years ago, when we first met, and both of us would have said we didn’t expect to be dating, much less getting engaged. As our relationship progressed, we felt that marriage was the most logical step for us. We didn’t really need a ceremony, a trip to a court house and grilling burgers in the afternoon would have been more than enough.

But after announcing our engagement to our family, did we realize how much more important having a ceremony was to them than it was to us. So we are now a few weeks away from our wedding. We finalized our catering services, got our outfits, booked our venue, prepared our guest list, and dropped more money than we preferred.

Part of today my fiancee and I took a walk to catch the Wooly Bears coming out for the season to try macro photography out. We wanted to make this our last free weekend to go out and shoot some photos. Next weekend we have a multi-day hiking trip set, and the weekend after that is our survival class. Our September is going to be over, then the month of the wedding will begun.


This past year has been a rough one. I ended up going through a lot of bad moments in life that completely de-motivated me from doing photography and other interests in my life. As a result, I stopped progressing, and questioned where was it I wanted to be in my life. Then a trip with a friend made me realize something…

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Day 373 – Duluth Day Trip

June 17th, 2018 – With my first pay check coming in, my fiancee and I decided to fulfill one of our long term desires: To take weekend day trip to faraway places. We left off to Duluth in the early morning to take on journey up north. We spent the majority of the day adventuring around the downtown area before hitting up Silver Creek Cliff to seek the outdoor area.

The entirety of the day was met with rain, fog, and wind. This still didn’t stop us from taking a hike up the cliff to grab some shots.

Day 372 – The Cupcake Walk

May 22nd, 2018 – It’s the very last day my fiancee and I will be free until I start my new position. We decided to take this day to look at various cupcake bakeries across the Twin Cities to pick out catering services for our wedding. With the amount of cupcake places spread across the cities, we had spent over several miles hiking among places.

On our hike back from our chosen caterer, we found several statues laying by the riverside. I was fortunate enough to have brought my camera during our hike out.

Day 371 – An Artist’s Hike

May 6th, 2018 – With May starting, many a parks are now opening up for hiking. We took a day to travel to Eagan to visit Caponi Art Park to explore the dozen some sculptures built since the 1950’s. With over an hour’s worth of hiking, we found it to be a very aesthetically pleasing park.

Day 370 – A New Season

April 29th, 2018 – Recently I received a call I’ve been long waiting for. I have been offered, and accepted, a full-time position for an Engineering job. My start date will be happening next month, with my first day happening at the company’s headquarters for training.

Today my fiancee and I decided to go on a nice relaxing hike. With money now coming in, we have confirmed our wedding date to be this year. We want to get some nice leisurely hikes in before we dedicate our Sundays to wedding planning.

Day 369 – The End of a Season

April 22nd, 2018 – The last Minnesota storm has finished, the snow is melting, and the animals are coming out of hibernation. My fiancee and I took advantage of this weather to do some exploration for my photography project.

During our hike we came across a sculpture garden sitting peacefully near the woods. While the hike was short, we came across some interesting features in the park.

Day 368 – Jesus Christ Superstar

April 1st, 2018 – It’s Easter again, but this year is comparatively whiter than the last. My fiancee and I decided to have another search for an Easter movie. This time, it was Jesus Christ Superstar. We started out with cooking a seafood brunch for my fiancee’s mom then going on a hike around a nearby nature preserve. We then scavenged various book stores before finding the film.

We got to my parent’s place in the evening where we enjoyed a hefty meal and watching the film.

Day 367 – One Step Forward

March 25th, 2018 – In recent events I have found that a lot of my investments in various projects is finally starting to pay off. Today I realize I am going to have to start taking some time to plot out when to dedicate my time to these projects to assure they can all launch instead of being shelved and forgotten.

For my Photography project I started to organize various aspects that will go into getting it launched then did some more scouting. My fiancee and I hit up a local park in Roseville called the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. We were fortunate enough to have taken this trip on a day they were hosting a Maple Syrup tapping event. We got our fill of cider and maple syrup popcorn during our photography trip and snagged some unique photos of the trail.

Day 366 – Planning the Project

March 18th, 2018 – After coming back from my cabin trip a few weeks ago I have been anxious to start a new Photography-based project I had thought of on the stay there.

Today I decided to start that project and do a bit of scouting today at Silverwood Park. I grabbed a bunch of photos while out, including one that involved an art sculpture that also worked as a kaleidoscope. I can’t say word on the project so far, but it will take a few months to prepare for. Excited to get things started!