Day 289 – Last Swimming Session

May 31st, 2017 – With a few days left until my triathlon I only have one more swim left in my program.  This swim was one last open water swim for 500 meters. Luckily for me, the water was mildly warm allowing for a comfortable swim. This last swim session also marks 3 total months of consecutive swimming. 3 more months until I knock off the next quest!


Day 288 – Memorial Day Pow Wows

May 29th, 2017 –  On Memorial Day I set off with a couple of friends to the Mille Lacs reservation for a memorial day Pow Wow. It has been quite a while since any of us have been to a Pow Wow, so it was pretty enjoyable to see one again.

Once the Pow Wow ended we left off to a nearby state park for some grilling over a fire pit and a couple of S’Mores. Felt like this was a Memorial Day well spent.

Day 287 – Furniture and Tacos

May 28th, 2017 – Sunday, the 2nd day of memorial day weekend. With no training and work scheduled for today I decided to dedicate this time to work on moving some items with my fiancee. We spent a good portion of our day doing housework and moving furniture down to our new space. We finished up early in the afternoon and took a break to eat some Indian Tacos. Very delicious!

Day 286 – The Last Brick

May 27th, 2017 – My triathlon is exactly one week away, so I felt like giving it my all during my last long brick session. I plotted out a route that would require me to bike at a moderately high intensity pace followed by a trail run.

Half way through my workout, I realized just how much I regretted not grabbing any water for my workout. I put in my session shortly after finishing Krav Maga and mistakenly did not hydrate enough before going on my brick session. The last 4-miles of my trek I found that I was so low on water I wasn’t sweating anymore.

When I got home I took a really long shower, drank a good chunk of water, and did a lot of stretching. All in all, I say the intensity of the workout was worth it to be able to run on such a beautiful trail.

Day 285 – Spartan Team Workout

May 26th, 2017 – With the Spartan race coming up in a few weeks, our team captain wanted to us all together to get an idea of how prepared we are for the race. What followed was a good 2-hours of intense running, hill sprints, burpees, tire flips, rope climbing, and spear throws.

This session ended up being extremely fun, and beneficial. We each shared our little tips for doing each of these workouts and ended up vastly improving how we do them. I am confident that most of our team will be ready to take on the Spartan race. Hoorah!


Day 284 – Mother’s Day Errands

May 14th, 2017 – It’s Mother’s Day, one of the more celebrated hallmark holidays of North America. This morning my fiancee and I made my mother a hearty breakfast of omelets and toast. We then went out to treat my fiancee’s mother out to lunch and a movie. After the movie we came back to join my mother for dinner.