Day 369 – The End of a Season

April 22nd, 2018 – The last Minnesota storm has finished, the snow is melting, and the animals are coming out of hibernation. My fiancee and I took advantage of this weather to do some exploration for my photography project.

During our hike we came across a sculpture garden sitting peacefully near the woods. While the hike was short, we came across some interesting features in the park.


Day 368 – Jesus Christ Superstar

April 1st, 2018 – It’s Easter again, but this year is comparatively whiter than the last. My fiancee and I decided to have another search for an Easter movie. This time, it was Jesus Christ Superstar. We started out with cooking a seafood brunch for my fiancee’s mom then going on a hike around a nearby nature preserve. We then scavenged various book stores before finding the film.

We got to my parent’s place in the evening where we enjoyed a hefty meal and watching the film.

Day 367 – One Step Forward

March 25th, 2018 – In recent events I have found that a lot of my investments in various projects is finally starting to pay off. Today I realize I am going to have to start taking some time to plot out when to dedicate my time to these projects to assure they can all launch instead of being shelved and forgotten.

For my Photography project I started to organize various aspects that will go into getting it launched then did some more scouting. My fiancee and I hit up a local park in Roseville called the Harriet Alexander Nature Center. We were fortunate enough to have taken this trip on a day they were hosting a Maple Syrup tapping event. We got our fill of cider and maple syrup popcorn during our photography trip and snagged some unique photos of the trail.

Day 366 – Planning the Project

March 18th, 2018 – After coming back from my cabin trip a few weeks ago I have been anxious to start a new Photography-based project I had thought of on the stay there.

Today I decided to start that project and do a bit of scouting today at Silverwood Park. I grabbed a bunch of photos while out, including one that involved an art sculpture that also worked as a kaleidoscope. I can’t say word on the project so far, but it will take a few months to prepare for. Excited to get things started!

Day 365 – Winter in the North

February 17th, 2018 – This weekend my fiancee and I traveled up to the northern part of the state to embrace the peacefulness of nature in the winter. For these several days it was hiking, photography, and cozying up in a cabin in the woods.

Today we were hit with a snowstorm so heavy the flakes fell horizontally. We waited out the storm until it was just light enough to jump in our car and travel out into the woods. There we spent the next hour photographing the snow covered landscape.


Day 364 – Photo Gallery

February 8th, 2018 – Today I finished the last of the functionality for a photo gallery I programmed for a friend in return for some graphic design work he had agreed to do for me. I took on this project as it required me to utilize concepts and tools I never familiarized myself with before. It ended up being a lot of fun, and I’m glad it turned out.

I recorded a video demo of the project. I plan on doing a total of 12 new and challenging projects for 2018, and this will mark the first.

Day 363 – Meet-Up and Walkabout

February 3rd, 2018 – My photography loving friend and I decided to do some photo work after we finished with a coding meet-up in Minneapolis. The weather was well below zero and windy, so we did not expect too many people to be outside. It was perfect to capture the areas near the busy city while having everything coming off as absolutely barren.

It was freezing, but I felt we managed to expose ourselves to beauties you can only get when you endure the worst of winter.